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Silva Ortus Programme (SOP) 



Silva Ortus also ensure that all projects are managed sustainably in partnership with local communities committed to adhering to the UN Millennium Development Goals. The concept behind Silva Ortus Programme (SOP) is to provide sustainable long term employment and development in strategic locations within the territories of Africa, with the emphasis on ensuring environmental sustainability.

  1. Poverty is alleviated by employment. The block farming system creates long term employment especially for unemployed youth.

  2. Locally grown food improves nutrition.

  3. Better nutrition and healthcare facilities improve health. Local healthcare facilities will be supported by the provision of electricity.

  4. Re-opening the school improves education. Our training programs improve adult education with transferable skills.

  5. School and employment opportunities are not gender based.

  6. Water and sanitation will be improved, boreholes drilled.

  7. Locally generated energy will be available to local houses, fuelled by waste tree branches in a carbon neutral manner.

  8. Economic growth becomes possible through local employment and an improved value chain.

  9. Our model is based on bringing innovation to the people.

  10. Inequalities will be reduced by the facilities added to the community

  11. The community is sustainable as energy is generated from local fuel and water is purified locally

  12. The revived plantations will produce crops responsibly

  13. Sustainable growth fixes carbon and is a positive climate action

  14. Life below water will be enhanced as replanting prevents erosion and the streams will run more cleanly through our new forests. Improved sanitation avoids the pollution of waterways.

  15. Life on Land – mixed plantations with low interventions and a better fed population will allow life on land to benefit.

  16. Employment of youths is seen as a stabilising influence helping to bring peace to Sierra Leone. Documentation is all completed with respect to local laws and our aims are supported at local, regional and Ministerial level

  17. Revival of the plantation is only possible through local partnerships

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