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Introduction to Silva Ortus Group 


Silva Ortus is a Leading Source of Sustainable Forestry & Biomass

Silva Ortus Group has established itself as one of the largest suppliers of  tropical hardwoods in Africa.

The group sources exotic hardwoods from the source locations of tropical countries making it one of the most reputed timber suppliers direct to furniture & flooring manufacturers globally.

All our timber harvested, practicing sound forest management and conservation techniques such as select cutting required by local government agencies. We strive to achieve consistent high levels of quality that set us aside from others.

Silva Ortus ensures that all projects are managed sustainably in partnership with local communities committed to adhering to the UN Millennium Development Goals. 


The concept behind Silva Ortus Programme (SOP) is to provide sustainable long term employment and development in strategic locations within the territories of Africa, with the emphasis on ensuring environmental sustainability.

Our Capabilities 

 Biomass Process Technology Research - five years of bamboo research, specifically involving Giant Bamboo species, resulted in the conclusion that this bamboo was indeed very good biomass product.

ne very important fact is that bamboo is a biomass that is excluded from the food for fuel debate. Whilst certain bamboo species’ shoots can be eaten, bamboo is not officially regarded as a staple food crop. Due to the fact that bamboo can grow on extremely marginal soils, 

Operational Areas

The planning stage of any Silva Ortus operation is a detailed one and can take up to one year to complete. Silva Ortus Tactical Planning Team concentrate their work on mapping, threatened species identification, protection of special environmental values and forest management

Use of Biomass has changed sawmill operations significantly in recent years, emphasizing increasing profits through waste minimization and increased energy efficiency as well as improving operator safety

Recent innovations in logging methods combine with forest science to improve techniques for forest operations, including: low-impact harvesting, reducing fire risk, keeping forests looking healthy. 


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